Siraa means a large cloth with yellow strands. Usually made of gold and silk. We make hand-crafted notebooks, tailored to our customer’s preference. The cover, paper, and stitching of papers to the cover are all done by hand.

We also have other cloth or leather-based products, like pencil case, cloth book cover, and leather bags.

About our Journals

We use Coptic stitching method in our hand-made journals. Papers are grouped, folded and then stitched together.

One of the features of Coptic stitching is that you can fully open the pages without damaging the book.

We use premium quality cloth for our journal covers. We also have the option of beautiful Terme (Traditional Iranian cloth) or hand-made cloth. Wooden plate or tree bark can also be used as the cover for nature-loving people.

For made-to-order products, there are options available to add to your notebook such as having calligraphy (of your favourite poem or quote) printed on the pages. You can have a name carved on the wooden covers.or carved on a wooden plaque and attached to your notebook. We have pieces of painting for you to include in the cover, take a look at our ordering options.

You can have a box for your journal, one that suits it.

About Cloth book covers

The cloth book covers come in size 16 cm high, and some are 23 cm high. And the book thickness capacity of these covers is 600 pages. There is a free part in the cover that can be used as a bookmark.

About the way we sell our products

We produce and sell based on order. Some of our products are already made, and are available at Siraa workshop.

If you’re interested,

Please contact us through Email or Telegram.



Siraa will be pleased to see you in the workshop. You can choose from the available products or order your very own.