Our products are made-to-order. We deliver your products in our own workshop.

To place an order, you can contact us through:

Telegram https://telegram.me/siraacrafts with the number +989391313579

Email: siraa.crafts@gmail.com

We are available in the workshop for you to drop by and place an order or receive your order. Please do call us beforehand just to make sure. We will be more than happy to have you here! You can come over to the address below. We are open everyday, except Fridays

from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

zip code: 1949644611

Address: unit no.22, Baghe Bank St., Shahid Basiri alley, Gholhak crossroads, Shariati St., Tehran, Iran.

Telephone: +982122647292 / +989291313579



Address: 1st and 2nd floor, no.63, between intersections Jahan Koodak and North Gandhi, Shahid Haghani highway, Tehran, Iran.

telephone: 021-88872832

Siraa products in Bamilo