Abusa’id Abolkhayr Quatrains

Persian Sufi and poet, his fame is spread throughout the Islamic world, even to Spain. He spent most of his time in Nishapur. It’s good to know that he was influenced by Avicenna. We have a compilation of his quatrains in a hand-crafted book. Preparing the cover and binding (sewing the pages to each other) are all done by hand. The binding method is an efficient Coptic stitching method which holds the pages tightly together.

The words are printed beautifully on kraft paper produced by ‘Pars” Iranian paper manufacturer. The papers are highly durable because they are made of long fibers. Page layout is designed on ( open source soft-wares under ) Ubuntu operating system. There is also a natural hand-made leather bag designed for the book. Abolkhayr 80-page long book is cut into size A6 ( 14.8 x 10.5 cm). Have your very own Abusa’id Quatrains You can have a book with no other copy anywhere else. A peerless book. Maybe someone you love has written a quatrain for you in a special occasion. You can have his/her handwriting next to the actual quatrain in the book. Or you might want your favourite part to be in calligraphy on the page facing the actual quatrain.We can do all this for you. To make your book even more beautiful, you can add a hand-drawn تذهیب “Tadh’hib” on the first page like the one shown below.

Tadh'hib decoration   Tadh'hib decoration

Price & How to place an order Abusa’id Abolkhayr Quatrains are 1,300,000 IR at the base price. In case other options are added, the price increases from the base price. To place an order, you can contact us through our Telegram or Email.