Baby Journal

Don’t you get excited when your mom tells you about the first days you were born?

It’s such pleasure to know about your childhood. So record the smallest pleasures you experience with your newborn. When your child grows up and when you show them that you’ve recorded many instances, s/he feels loved.

In the Baby Journal, you record The firsts. The sonography photo, a footprint and handprint, his first time being fed, her first bath, her first smile and so on. More ideas on what to include in the birth book:

  • Date of birth, hospital name, height and weight
  • The weather on the day you were born
  • A photo of mommy’s big belly next to daddy before you were born
  • Sonography photos
  • Mommy and daddy’s feelings before birth and as soon as you were born
  • Baby shower photos
  • Newborn in mom, dad, grandma and grandpa’s arms
  • Newspaper extract on the day you were born

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