Memorial notebooks

A memorial notebook has to be exclusive for ceremonies and special events that only occasionally occur. It’s important to record your special days together, so that you can always go back to them. This notebook is tailored to your tastes and preferences. These memorial books can be for company offices, institutes, festivals, seminars, exhibitions, gatherings, visiting events, memorialisation events, restaurants, coffee shops, recreational centres, museums, historical and touristic places and others

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Organisations can provide their VIP guests with the notebook. You can keep their handwriting in a memorial book made by hand.

Organisations can use these notebooks in special events like inaugurations and when presenting new products.

To make the memorial notebook even more remarkable, you can include a piece of hand-drawn تذهیب “Tadh’hib” like the ones below on the first page.

Tadh'hib decoration   Tadh'hib decoration

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Sample Memorial Notebooks

Memorial Notebook

1750,000 IR

hand-crafted. A4 .Landscape.60 pages.         105 gram chickpea colour Pars paper. leather frame around the Wooden plaque stitched decoratively. Matchstick velvet cloth. Includes bookmark with a bead


Memorial Notebook

950,000 IR

hand-crafted. A5.Landscape. 105 gram chickpea colour Pars paper.Wooden Plaque. Matchstick velvet cloth. Bookmark with a bead

Sample Memorial Notebooks sold

Memorial notebook for international Fajr Film Festival,Mellat Gallery and Cinema


Memorial notebook for the opening of Iran Kala T.V channel

Memorial notebook for movie release in Fajr Film Festival

Memorialization and Honors notebook

Funeral memorial notebook (Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi)

Notebook for Shahid Rajayi Teacher Training University l more photos

Guest book,SIPIEM

Book for customer notes, Shamrock Café

Memorial book for Mowj construction company

Guest book, Mahi publications